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Lazio IGP White wine

Roscetto varietal wine. The nose presents a rich gamut of aromatic sensations ranging from banana to pineapple, aromas which range from the herbaceous to vanilla. The flavours are assertive, rich, soft and full with a superior, long and lingering finish.

Grapes: Roscetto 100%
Sizes: 750 ml, 1500 ml

Curiosities: the five concentric circles symbol that appears on the label is recorded on some findings of alleged Byzantine origin that have been found in the archaeological site of Ferento: the ancient Etruscan town, located near the vineyards where the grapes of Roscetto grow, from which derives the name Ferentano.

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  • Ferentano
  • Montiano
  • Marciliano
  • Trentanni
  • RC2