Grechetto Umbria particolare etichetta
Grecheto Umbria packshot


Umbria IGP White wine

The wine is bright straw yellow with greenish highlights. The aromas are extremely elegant, with a rich range, much freshness, and pleasurable floral notes as well. The wine is quite full in the palate with attractive flavours, a distinctive style and the richness of the fine Italian wines of central Italy of the past.

Grapes: Grechetto 100%
Sizes: 750 ml

Curiosities: as indicated by its name, Grechetto is a vine coming from Southern Italy, probably imported by settlers who populated the Magna Graecia. Its cultivation is widespread in Umbria and, in particular, in the Orvieto DOP, where it is used pure or mixed with other varieties to get the famous Orvieto Classico.

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