The Est! Est!! Est!!! is a typical white wine of Montefiascone whose legendary status has its origins in 1111. In that year Henry V of Germany on his way to Rome to be crowned Emperor of the Holy Roman Emperor by Pope Pasquale II and, after him, together with the court and his army, there was also the bishop Johannes Defuk, a great admirer of wine. Legend has it that the prelate, to satisfy his passion, ordered a servant, Martino, to precede along the way to discover the inns that offered good wine. According to the code established between the two, they would have to write on the door of the inn, the word "Est!" (There is) where the wine was good enough, or even "Est! Est!!" in case it was excellent. Arriving in Montefiascone, the servant Martin tasted a wine so good that, in order to highlight the superior quality, wrote Est! Est!! Est!!!

For this reason, the bishop, after the imperial mission, returned to Montefiascone, where he stayed until the day of his death. As a sign of gratitude, he donated to the city 24,000 shields with the request that each anniversary of his death a barrel of that delicious wine had to be poured over his grave. Still on his tombstone, preserved in the Chiesa di San Flaviano,you can read carved in gray peperino: "For too Est! here lies dead, my lord Johannes Defuk". Every year in August, on the occasion of the Wine Festival, citizens of Montefiascone recall the deeds of the noble bishop with a parade of knights and ladies in costume.